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A small victory but a victory just the same



One of my biggest challenges has been reading with my visual impairment I lose words on the left side of the page have a hard time transitioning from the end of one sentence to another and sometimes I miss letters in a word and think it's the wrong word or a different word which lies whole new meaning to the sentence Diana pointing back and reread things a lot this morning I I decided to pick up the book I've been trying to read for the last month and since before my stroke so it is a victory that I am celebrating take another small break fresh cup of coffee and back to reading be blessed and be a blessing thanks for sharing with me



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No, Jay. That's a big win. I used to have that problem, lost words or sentences, confusing e with o. Took about a year for me to finish a average size novel. Keep on, reading is a good skill but more importantly makes for good recreation during those quiet moments.

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Early on after my stroke I had lots of problems with scanning and going to the correct place on the page when getting to the edge of the text at the margin was really bad for me.  I'd skip down 2 or more lines so large chunks of text would be "missing" and the sentences didn't make sense.  It was very discouraging. The OT got me to use a piece of paper over the book so that the line I was reading was just above the paper and the text I hadn't read yet was covered.  Then when I got to the end of the line I'd move the paper down  1 line and that gave my eyes an easy way to scan to the right place.  It was a bit slow for he first week. But after that I found I didn't need to do it anymore.

Like all things post stroke it can be relearned or overcome.  I'd be lost without books.


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Scott thanks for the encouraging words

Much appreciated



Panther thanks for the suggestion I was planning on trying it today and of course I left the house without my book go figure I forgot something lol


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Hi Jay, I loved reading, my head was always in a book. After the Stroke, my love of reading  was not there.  The problem is, not remembering what I  just read.  


My Grandson loves reading, and he gives me one of his books to read, i did, loved it and can remember!   So, maybe  I work myself up to reading" adult books", but I don't care, at least I am reading! Yes!!!



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English lady

Your love of books will return it may not be easy and it may not be fast.

Soon after I got out of the hospital can I get there I could have kept missing words and missed everything on the left but that does angel was so patient with me and what's a gram of the words over here there's nothing better than being taught by a six year old how to read again what a precious little angel she is.

A lot of our recovery is relearning things and maybe it is really relearning how to read books starting with children's books which is fine certainly don't want to jump into a text book right away hang tough my friend keep working any steps you can take towards your old love will be paid off greatly in the future be well my friend be well,


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My wife knows that I always loved reading. I've been told that while I was in the coma she spent a lot of time reading a book to me. A lot of my reading these days is magazines which work well with short attention spans.

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