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More lemonade



I admit I'm a political chunky I love politics while I was in college many years ago I worked on political campaigns but over the last 35 years I have been so busy working 40 to 60 hours a week and raising for children I never made the time to work on a political campaign now post stroke and is unable to work all I have is time so once again I am working on a political campaign meeting like-minded people having a great time there's always lemonade to be made when you're headed lemons.

I can't say I'm happy about having a stroke but I'm happy about the new lease on life and my appreciation for life and taking advantage of the time I have be blessed and be a blessing,


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Yes, you are good a taking advantage of the time you have.  It is good to see you going back to things you love like the theater and politics.  Keep on getting what enjoyment out of life you can to make your life worthwhile, it is the only way to live.

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