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I finished a book



for finishing it took me much longer than it would have pre stroke but that's a given it took me almost 3 weeks to read a book with 187 pages.

The book was given to me as a Christmas present from my son and it is entitled my Stroke of Insight I do know that there was a review done quite some time ago and I do know someone posted something about this book recently on a blog I found the book to be absolutely inspiring

Continue to be blessed to be here.

I thank God everyday for the opportunity to offer kindness to other people



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Congratulations!     I know how good you feel, and proud!    Bob had sooooo many things that fought with his ability to read, and finally did get to where he could read, slowly.    He has to pick his subject, that he is really interested in and knows the terminology for, like sports, or history.    And the words can't be TOO snooty.     His level of reading is not adult, but we are thrilled with his progress, another open door for him!    Keep reading :)

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Thanks tell Bob in with him. It may take five to ten times as long to read as I as I was able to pre stroke but but at least I can read take care and be well.


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Guest lwisman


Congrats. You would be glad to know it gets better! After my stroke at first I could not remember what I read. I found short articles (and later books) to practice on. Also, I picked stuff that if I didn't remember it would be ok. I kept at it and eventually I remembered and I moved on to heavier books. Reading has always been important to me. I read all the time now. Usually I have three books going at the same time.

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Highland thanks for the words of encouragement but I pretty much realized it's already getting better because this is far more than I was able to do two years ago I could not read the Get Well cards that people sent me in the hospital.

It may take awhile until I'm able to read five books in one week.


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