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Well I can say life is still moving along I'm just going pretty slow these days dealing with trying to walk better and a bit faster or maybe I should say walk at a regular pace but that's a ways off for now.... Anyway life is great so no complaints from me.... to me summer time is here according to the weather we are having and it feels good to get outside with my little dog and her puppy and watch them play safely in the back yard...


They both love to ride on the scooter but want to go in different directions with the lease on and using the lease is a must until they know to stay on the scooter.... If they are on the sidewalk instead of the back yard ly have to shorten the leases real good because one will want to get to the other side of the street....


We sold the five other puppies and that worked out real good because I could never have cared for six of them at their sizes now or have them all in the insurance to keep them up on shots and doctor visits.... They both are company for me and my grand daughter when she is not at school or playing basketball on a team after school twice a week.... So there is never a dull moment for me even when the lady comes in the mornings to see after me and exercising....


When I'm on the bicycle exercising they sit in the window and look out but want to ride the scooter with me when the lady leaves for the day... Otherwise they both are right by my side all day long unless they are napping.... This next week school is out I think for Easter break I think so I have to see what goes with them and my grand daughter being here with them.... :D


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Thanks but my moving along is very slow at best but I am alive doing the best I can nearly 12 years after my stroke.... So I figure if I can move slowly under my own power and can use my scooter plus drive my vehicle I will be alright for a long time but I do miss attending church every Sunday now....


A friend of mine is taping the Sermons and letting me have a copy to hear what happening at church.... I would have trouble getting up the steps to go inside the church with the way I walk now.... Plus getting to the men's room located in the rear behind the Choir stand....  

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