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Another Month Gone In My Healing Process



Well Folks another month has passed in my come back healing process which as many of you already know takes a very long time... So for my body it has been eleven years as I am walking slowly no falls lately, riding my scooter inside and out plus I am still driving my SUV hauling my scooter everywhere I go to use when I get out the vehicle....


I am still accepting the things I can't do while trying to improve on things that has been hard for me to accomplish....Life is good while I hold on to God's hand waiting for Him to heal my body and direct my path to recovery.... Nothing comes easy to me and I am so proud of my wife for working a full time job and still have time to give care to me at home as my caregiver all this time.....


Many areas in the US was hit with bad weather and homes and lives lost so I pray for those people that the Good Lord will take care of them all just as He has done for me all this time.... One day I pray all will be well with me in my healing process from the stroke I suffered and survived.... :roflmao: Before to long Summer will be here and perhaps I can start to get outside more every day and start back going to church which I miss going each Sunday lately....


By the way I am into 18 years of this marriage, my fourth and last, that I wouldn't trade for any others I have had.... I feel so blessed being married to my wife this time around and her still able to hold down a full time job bringing home a good pay check for her time on the job..... God is Good all the time.... Now I am thinking about getting out and trying to meet other members in my state of Texas to start with and go on from there to meet other members of Stroke Net soon as I am fully able....


I have just about got my daughter on her on but her money hasn't started back yet for her SSI from Social Security and we will be glad when that day come around..... So until next time I will continue to heal my body and return to church services each Sunday..... All of you take care and take one day at a time...... :D I love all of you and pray for you daily....

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Thank you Fred. So please that you have a loving wife and family.  That helps with your healing.  Keep on praying God is listening.


I go Church, and I am thankfully that the good Lord has helped me to walk to Church, my husband works on a Sunday, and Church is just around the corner. 


We have so much and sometimes do not realish it.


Take care Fred, yes we are lucky with the weather, I feel for the People who have lost family, and they homes.


God bless



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