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Making a Collage



I have been cutting out magazine pictures & gluesticking them onto black posterboard. That should keep me busy. I like just cutting out what catches me: words,Colors,items,faces.

I made one once and framed it. It was things I liked in mags in one color. Well this is a huge one filled with things that express me my life. It is a spiritual journey,and a good cutting exercise. I sit by the window enjoying the cats,butterflies,flowers,green grass,sunshine. There is norovirus and C Diff here so showers and activities have been closed for a month. Roomie & I have been well luckily. I wash my hair in the bathroom sink. I am good at birdbaths now since being here.


I have been in so much pain on Opana ER 10mg with Opana immediate release 5 mg for break through pain. My pain doc said there is no way drugs alone will help my pain. She said it is mandatory I get the radio frequency Procedure. I will tomorrow. I am so scared but I hurt so badly, it gives me determination to get through it. I have run out of options pain doc said.


In the meantime, I entertain myself and others getting nails polished. Ok ladies, I like the no light gel polish. It shines better than usual top coat,lasts good. I have 4 colors and 2 more to go. I might as well look better than I feel.


I picked up my new diabetic athletic shoes that were fully paid for. Roomie told me about program for people with foot problems with dr referral. Then I went and picked out the shoes I wanted. I chose an athletic shoe. They also have leather shoes in styles I like so it is a good thing that every year I may choose a new pair of shoes. There is an insole that I change every 4 months. All I can say is after all this time wearing slippers, it feels wonderful to have supportive shoes...that are stylish too. I walk better in them and standing is more comfortable and stable. My ankles hurt less.


I am enjoying my room and kindness of the staff over in this station. We have a caught you'caring program here. The bulletin board is covered with slips filld out by happy patients or staff. Half of them are from me. Staff get prizes. I took a picture of the bulletin board I helped design by hanging up.


I have on long dangling shamrock earrings. I am Irish and Loving it. I am getting everyone learning suduko. Roomie was talking to her niece and said I watch TV with her but I get bored and get on projects. I guess I do. She was excitedly telling niece that she will be surprised to see how the room is organized and decorated. I put a Pad under pillowcase on an extra table where I sat the air freshener and the binder With the poetry of Roomie's Deceased Sister and some magazines. We are ready for guests.


Wow I even miss bingo. We are confined to our rooms. This is more like prison with worse food very day. I am well so I travel to my Pt,see people.


I successfully got on Lyrica, no more Gabbs! I feel less groggy, less swelling


Well I hope tomorrow goes well.


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Damn I'm keeping you in my daily prayers purifier you can make this far you can't give up now I know giving up is not an option for you I'm sure the procedure will go or did go well keep us updated hang tough dear friend.jay

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