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Keeping Caregiver Brain Active, Tatting



I know that the stroke people can not really get into any of the crafts I talk about, but I'm hoping that it will give some ideas to caregivers who find themselves at home more, and may need something of their own to do.


So Aug 2015, I begun to have some time to actually DO something and began to crochet again, and think about all my crafts I hadn't really had time for since Feb 2012. Then this Dec 2015, I decided to get into tatting. Since I had to learn it from scratch, it was something that took all of my attention. It had been a long time since I had time to lose myself in an interest (that was not cleaning of some kind!)


I haven't read much lately, I had a spurt of reading on my kindle, and got lots of free books - there is also a free kindle ap from amazon, if you don't have a kindle, so you can still read books for free (or buy others). I get a list from bookgorilla.com of types of books I'm interested in and many are free, others discounted. When I first started reading, I only had time for a few sentences at a time, but eventually learned I could read (or crochet/tat/knit/whatever) after he went to bed, so got into it more. This seems obvious, but in the beginning I was too tired to not crash every time he did. Not now, I have time because I'm not as tired, unless something obvious, like weed-eating all day, ha, ha.


Here's a sample of something I tatted recently:



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Sandy :


wow what you created is so beautiful. I was never artistic person & after stroke with no left hand not even incline to learn it though tried hand at water color painting & felt aggravated  that I was spoiling nice white paper so I  sticking with getting joy out of learning analytical things like accounting, economics, I guess once a herd is always nerd even after stroke lol.



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Achandra, when I was looking for a hobby for Bob I went to Hobby Lobby and went thru every aisle, picturing the steps needed to do that hobby.   Finally, I got to the sketching aisle and AH HA!  Bob can sketch with one hand.    So that's what I got for him.    On a similar note, the adult coloring books are the rage now!    You see them on tv, but you can get them in the magazine rack at most stores now - use crayons, pencils, markers!    I remember when my son was young, me and a friend who also had kids, would get together and end up getting the kids coloring books that were right beside us on the table and start coloring over the pages they had made such a mess of scribbles on, and we thought it was soothing to do - guess we were ahead of our time!     If I didn't already have so many hobbies, I'd probably try it too!

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Sandy, that is wow. I am starting to read. I loved reading before my stroke, but after would get so  anrgy. Could not remember what I had just read. My grandson bless him, came with some of his books and told me to read them, His said the words are not hard to read, and they are not long. He was correct,  the pages are about 60pages., and the stories are fun. Enought for me and I love it. 


Out of the mouth of babes



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Thanks for sharing...I am, or used to be, an avid crafter.  I paint, draw, quilt, crochet, knit, embroider, floral arrange, candle making, soap making, wood working, sew...I think I have done everything.  So, I truly appreciate your tatting.  That truly is an art form not known by many.  My days have yet to get to a place where I feel comfortable doing such crafting, but I know it will.  Until then, I just write... Your picture reminds me of the work my mother used to do.  She would make tableclothes....hours and hours of work to be on a table that someone might spill and spoil it.  I don't think my mother ever slept.  I guess I can say I know how she feels.  Anyway, thanks for showing your talent.

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Yvonne, Bob started out reading extremely simple things, and on the ipod where the "pages" were news column width. (visual cut)     He does not read like he used to, but he CAN read, and it's worth a million dollars.    Somewhere I posted pictures of the books Bob read that I got at Walmart in the magazine dept, with Batman or Superman, a couple different ones.    He actually started with my very old personal books "Look, look, Jane!    See Spot run!"   That only makes sense if you are in the right generation ha, ha!


Strokewife, I spent my LIFE online, reading, searching, writing, learning to deal with every aspect possible.    It will consume you, till you finally seem like you've been every where on line, read everything, and already know the answers.    Then a new feeling of confidence as an experienced caregiver, overtakes the fear that is dumped on us, in the beginning.   You stop running scared and uncertain about everything... and the light goes on... you have your new normal.   Takes a while.


If you are interested, you can check out my projects page on ravelry, as I keep reconrd of all my needle crafts there.    When you click on this link, you'll see a page full of pics - don't bother it's too long to load.   The same pics are easier to see if you look at the groups separately, by clicking on one of my tabs at the top.    If you look at 2012, you can see how very little I did the year he had a stroke in Feb 29, 2012, and in 2013 & 2014.   BUT, check out 2015, our new normal became reality, and I re-appeared as a separate entity!   You WILL do those things again!


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