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Recipe - Chocolate Ants



Here is a recipe, inspired by HostPam.



Chocolate Covered Ants


100 LIVE black ants (avoid red ones, too spicy)

1 vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped out

2 egg yolks

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon butter, melted

12 ounce bittersweet chocolate


Using a medium sized pot, as a double boiler, heat two cups of water and place a bowl over it. Add chocolate and turn heat to low, until chocolate is melted. In another mixing bowl, add vanilla bean seeds and egg yolks; beat until smooth, add sugar and butter. Fold in ants carefully. Take care not to smash them. They stay more flavorful and retain extra moisture if intact. Note: The chocolate should never be heated over 100


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You are too funny! Is this a for real recipe, for people who are into eating chocolate covered ants? I couldn't bear to boil lobsters because it seemed cruel, not sure I could watch the poor ants struggle to get out of the chocolate either.



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I'm 'hurt' that you think I would 'POST' a recipe that is 'fake'. If you think I'm joking, type in 'Chocolate Covered Ants' in your browser, and look at the results. I found 1481 pages of 'links' on this subject.


I hope you will 'trust' me more Jean. uhm.gif



Chef Denny


PS: As far as boiling lobsters, if you lay them on their backs, and 'tickle' their bellies, it will 'hypnotize' them, and they won't 'scream' when put in the boiling water. Note: I learned this trick in culinary school. And YES, it DOES work.

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I was only teasing you about the recipe being real. I know people actually sell and eat chocolate covered ants so it stands to reason there's got to be recipes out there. I've seen them for sale in some pretty classy deli stores. Have you ever eaten them? What do they taste like? I heard they are crunchy.


That's a good trick about the lobsters. I'll pass that on some friends of mine who love them.

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Guest lwisman


And where is the store where you can buy ants??? biggrin.gif


As a child I remember someone bringing chocolate covered grasshoppers for their birthday. Since we were mostly all 10 years old the class thought it was great. As I remember they weren't too bad. Crunchy.

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Thanks for your thoughtfulness, but I don't think I'll be eating chocolate covered ants! Has anyone ever really eaten them? I'd be interested to know, what they tasted like and their reason for eating them in the first place......


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Hi Pam:


YES people do eat chocolate coated Ants, as well as chocolate coated grasshoppers and other insects. In some countries, they ARE considered delacacies. I have not personally tried them, but I've heard where they add protein to your diet, and they are somewhat crunchy. As I told Jean, type in chocolate covered ants into your search and hit ENTER. You will come up with 1494 pages of links, concerning this subject. There is even a link, where the question is asked "Do people really eat chocolate covered ants"? Also, in reading this link, some people, in other countries, eat insects as part of their daily diet.


I hope this helps Pam. Be on the lookout, they may be sold in a store near you, or even at a gourmet food store in New York City.



Chef Denny

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