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Happy anniversary to me



Yesterday marked 29 months since my aneurysm and stroke does anybody else celebrate the month lease at what point do we stop I look at it like a newborn child I have a grandson that is 21 months old and the other one that is 6 months old I guess once we get to 36 maybe we could I don't know it's just I like to celebrate every month because I realized what a blessing my life is and it's my another way of me acknowledging God for giving me a new lease on life and I really love to share with all my friends here because you people have not so much to me be blessed and be a blessing.


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Guest lwisman


For many years I celebrated on a yearly basis. I think it is important that survivors celebrate how far they have come. Stroke often radically changes lives. It is important to acknowledge and to see the future as a positive.


It has been 19 years for me. At this point I acknowledge to myself and to my sister, who has been key to my recovery.


I have also found making a list of "Things I know longer do." helpful. My list includes stuff like snow shoveling and changing tires. Then there are other things like drive on expressways (let someone else do it), Then there's stuff like no longer commuting 45 minutes each way to work, stress, bad eating habits, etc. Have fun with the list!


Celebrate the new you, not the old.


Have a great day!

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