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Bus driver a decent person after all



How angry I was and I can admit I committed myself to kill him with kindness and praying for him because I don't know him personally I have no idea what's going on in his life well I have to say iritis bus every morning now along with a few other people that we all laugh and joke and have a good time including the bus driver so he really is a decent guy I'm glad I gave him a second chance just like God gave me a second chance.

Be blessed and be a blessing,



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Jay, it is great to give a person a second chance and it turns out the best thing we could do. At my center,  a  man, who never smiled, never said hello, always looking mean.  Now he comes with his wife who is a sweet heart, and she said he is like that. So I would not give up, I always say good morning, and smile. After a good while, I said" good morning" and smiled, he did not smile, but he said" goood morning". it stopped me in my strides, even his wife was shocked. Now he says hello, I get him smiling soon! 




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Yvonne thanks for sharing that lovely story keep working on him I'm sure you smile soon enough you are such a lovely person he's lucky to have you in his life even if it is a we all need to do our part to make the world a better place one person at a time we all need to do our part to make the world a better place one person at a time and may be as simple as saying good morning but if that makes someone feel better thumanity

grateful that my hello make somebody feel the warmth of humanity


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