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Welcome to Parenthood



One of my daughters who will be turning 28 tomorrow has an 8 year old and A2 year old we the train to meet up for a couple days we have been trying to meet up for a couple days.

I called her this morning and she said oh my life is so crazy my children are running my life.

I said if you recall you and your sister did the same thing to me she Chuckles I said welcome to Parenthood.

I love to point out the obvious things with my daughters make silly comments I said you're absolutely right because I had for that I was running around

Again I must thank God my new life and my children and grandchildren and the fact that I can if you should appreciate the beauty of everyday.

be blessed and be a blessing.


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So wonderful you are supportive and here for daughter and Grandkids. They are blessed with you. They are what keeps you going,keeps you young. Funny to watch our kids Doing what we did. Where did time go. How blessed to see it.


Enjoy Jay. You are strength for daughter. A real hero. A Dad.

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