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Fired my pain management doc



It takes trust. I questioned,I complied when I was unsure. The doc said I exasperated her,she broke my trust when sh did not respond to my calls when I tried a new medication. She said I had run out of opiates when there are others to try. She said I made her feel like she failed and she had nothing to offer. She said that pain is a matter of choice,a cognitive decision.


I said I cannot will the pain away, but 0I would try biofeedback. Since I had the procedure,she said I do not need meds.


I said i could try ocycontin,oxycodon or a pain pump. She too dangerous.


She offered Elavil. I am already on max dose effexor. I declined. I hope to wean off because my mouth dryness bothers me so bad. I wonder if it helps . I had to take shots, other pills. I have options.


believe me i pray,walk more inspite of pain, visualize myself running in my shoes,positive meditate enough energy to light up 20 blocks,but the pain persists.


I said softly to her through teats those darn tears dont you know what stroke pain is like and she said shr worked with stroke patients.


She said maybe another doc could help me.

I agreed and asked her to clear me so i can

Get another doc. She said fine and slammed the door on her way out.


I made a follow up apppt with procedure doc.


I wish i had been a better patient,but it helped a little but Never enough and foggy.

I never made her happy to see me. I never felt liked or respecd. I felt like a drug seeker talking to her.

I feel she never intended to continue to help me.


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Sounds like you need to get another Dr.   All Drs are not a good fit for everyone just like people are not  your new best friend.

Hopefully the next Dr will be a better fit and will listen and work with you

Take care


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I can't believe any doctor worth their weight would ever treat a patient that way that's disgusting good luck finding a new doctor and it is a matter of trust you got to feel comfortable with your doctor got to be able to talk to your doctor that qualifies or doesn't it you may want to consider contacting your State Medical Board because that behavior is unacceptable I would never put up with anything a doctor treating me like that I would be contacting the State Medical Board because that's just ridiculous with everything you've been through everything we've been through whether you're a stroke survivor or not that is no way to treat another human being stay strong my friend I'll keep praying for you.


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Thanks Sue and Jay

She can say this is over prescription.

It felt horrible

Again no one knows the intensity

No one believes i need meds

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Fingers crossed you find a better match of doctor.  Although it would be hard being a doctor unable to help someone.  Who teaches them that being like that is better than saying "I don't know"  It sounds like your issue was too hard for her but she didn't want to admit that.

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Pain is NOT a cognitive decision. That is pure BS. Get a new doc. If she was befuddled she should have referred you to someone else. Keep on hanging in there. This is where a good patient advocate could help. Have you tried contacting the National Stroke Association? They must have docs that see this all the time.

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