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my turn



So I am sick, I am with a UTI -- a bad one, probably more of a kidney infection actually... Its in my back..... After 4 kids I don't feel pain upon urination - or back pain as that is kinda a constant. I went to the doc with aches and pains that i thought was cold related or most likely depression related... wow for a change I actually had a physical ailment... I knew I had kinda a short temper and was easily overwhelmed ..... but both those are normal depression traits as well so i put no stock in any of it... So because I have a big weekend. I am home in bed --- drinking fluids just being a good girl....

Dan has had a horrendous week , making it harder to "listen" to my body. I think he is straightened out... for this moment in time....Strokes, all I can do is shake my head and think about the perfect mirror of health we have..... he had the stroke but, this morning i woke up and though i bet he has a Muti - from his refusal to eat and drink.... so he probably dehydrated those poor kidneys and gave himself a Muti..... mine I don't know , stress, not drinking enough , mum anything that makes no sense is probably the reason.....lol -- the story of our lives....... Nancy


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Oh no, you poor thing!    I'm glad to hear you are giving yourself the 'go to bed and take it easy' treatment.    Hope your meds kick in soon!

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Yes, as caregivers we are also subject to the usual health issues.  Who will look after me?  I used to cry.  Well, same person who looks after me now.  Me!!!  Hope you get the right ABs and get back to good health soon. At least Dan is sorted for now.

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Nancy, here is hoping you and Dan will be alright as it starts to warm up in your neck of the woods, you just happen to be in one cold state which seems like year round from my little experience being there years ago....

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