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A day of mulmultiple emotions



Feeling old stealing Young then embarrassed beyond belief.

The bus system is in the process of hiring probably five or six new drivers and there is one young lady in particular very attractive probably in her late twenties early thirties I've seen her 3 or 4 times on different buses this week well as a got on the bus this morning should have to mean she says well good morning sir how are you I do greatly appreciate the respect given however it did make me feel a little bit older of course I laughed about it

At the grocery store in the produce department of course you can assume I always have a smile on my face and this older gentleman was coming toward pushing his car towards me and he says well young man how are you today boy that made me feel young.

Then I was looking for the other item in a mile and this older lady stopped me she said excuse me young man can you help me with something I said of course and she said on that top shelf way to the back is something I need and I looked and I said well at least I can try well I managed to get it for her and she just said God bless you I can't thank you enough thank you for helping me you're so wonderful of course that made me feel very good.

Then of course before I leave the store hours have to check out the manager's specials and once in awhile you get a really good loaf of Italian bread for $0.79 why wouldn't I?

After surveying the manager's specials in realizing there was nothing I needed I started to walk away and I violated cardinal rule number one I did not visually scan the area and I slammed my car into a woman how embarrassing?

Guy apologized and she said oh no I should have given you more room and I said excuse me let me explain to you and I told her about my my stroke in the blindness then again if I apologize to her and she said oh don't worry about it I should have given you more room and I said no it was entirely my fault and I apologize and she was very nice and accepting of my apology okay I was a little frustrated because I know I need to do the visual scanning but I don't always do it.

Be well my friend be well be blessed and be a blessing.



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