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Goodbye winter hello spring



Today marks the last day of winter and at 12:30 a.m. tomorrow we welcome spring.

This last day of winter comes in with one of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen quite the fittin dewway and to say goodbye to Winter


I am still looking forward to True signs of spring I'm waiting to see my first Robin and of course living on the south end of Lake Huron another rite of passage into spring is when the u.s. Coast Guard replaces the buoys for the shipping channel that is definitely a day of Celebration although I'm more than willing to celebrate this last day of winter even if it is by myself.

Let's all celebrate another season passing on our journey be blessed and be a blessing,


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You know Jay, there is a viral showing on TV of an Eagle nest where the eggs are hatching and they are feeding the young bringing them fish they catch and feeding them.... I think one or two more eggs has to hatch out..... 


It's a beautiful site to see them so young and the parents so protective of them.... They may be on the internet as well but I see them on the evening and morning news cast for ABC

channels... We got many black birds in the yard looking for the worms from all the rain we have had so God has a way to feed all of them and I guess nest will start to appear in the trees soon.

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