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Spring Has Sprung - 90 Degrees here



We had some record temperatures in February (at least 15 straight days over 80 degrees) and now we've hit the 90s in March already. I'm hoping that's not an indication that we'll have some record 110-115 temps by June, July and August, but won't hold my breath on that one. lol


We had visitors (Gary's brother and sister-in-law) from Seattle in February, the week after Mom passed away. Was a nice weekend with them arriving on a Sat., staying for a bbq and our middle son and family were here to visit with them also. Then on Sunday, we met up at the casino for breakfast and stayed to play for a few hours, then came home and let Gary nap before playing some cards with them in the afternoon. They stayed till dark Sun. night, then headed back to their hotel and on to Sun City the next day to visit some friends before flying back to Seattle.


I let a second home health agency go after only a few weeks because they wanted a minimum of 4 hour visits and the caregiver only wanted to work about 1.5-2 hr., then sit on his butt in front of the t.v. as opposed to doing light housework. He even left one day for nearly an hour to go get himself a snack at a Subway, on our time. He was upset that I was letting him go, so I suspect he had something to do with plugging toilets with wet wipes, but can't prove it. Anyhow, my plumbing bill ran nearly $200 to have the system snaked and the plumber said it was a combination of wet wipes and possibly tampons (which could have been the previous female caregiver). Sooooooooo frustrating having to train people, and then stand over them to get them to work and not destroy your home. Taking a break for a while and occasionally having Kelly return for a few hours a week if I absolutely must get out.


I made my plans for the class reunion trip to ND in August and got my airline reservations booked. Our youngest son, Dan can take off work for 4 days to sit with Gary and we may have Kelly stop in for a few hours to help out that week. My sister from Maryland will go with me and we will attend the Fri. and Sat. events that weekend, and skip the picnic on Sunday in order to drive to Mom's ceremony to bury her ashes near Gma and Gpa in the small town where she was born. My youngest sister from Seattle and her hubby will drive out with Mom's ashes in their motorhome and meet us there, and we will likely have a small gathering with cousins in the area afterward.




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Sarah, looks like everyone else is just too envious to post a comment.  Yes, some years we have a week of heat, a further month of cold and then a hot summer.  I hate summers that are too hot because for us that is bush fires and lives lost. I like a mild summer with bursts of heat, we had that this year.


I hear you on the damage the agency workers have done to your home.  I wonder if they have some kind of indemnity policy, if not you need to get one in place. You need the time off, you need the time out, away, doing other stuff, that has always been so, so please try for more time away from the stress of looking after Gary if you can.  There must be a reliable worker out there somewhere.

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Sarah - Bruce's roommate and his wife, in NM, are motoring to Phoenix today for a long weekend visiting with their daughter and son-in-law and his main concern was your heat. They are hoping that they can get out and about without too much concern to the weather. Hoping that is true for them.


I was thinking of you and Gary and your caregiving issues. Was hoping things had gone a bit more smoothly for you than in the past, but seems you are right back in the thick of things. So glad you can still call on Kelly for a bit of help and of course, you son being able to step up a bit.


Nice visit with Gary's brother and sister-in-law. A nice break for a change.


Good news on the ND trip in August. Exciting that you will be meeting up with your family and final arrangements for Mom. Will be thinking of all of you.


Thank you for updating and best to you and Gary. Stay strong and hoping you can get a new caregiver on board, soonest. Debbie

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Sarah, I hope things improve with your care giving issues.  I know your son fills in but he cannot always be there.   


Have a good trip to ND and have a blessed reunion with your family.



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