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April Fools



The option to paste from word - allows me to paste the blog that I typed to that box, then click okay, but does not bring the text to the blog page so I can save it. I'm getting frustrated to the point that I need to find a new place to blog. This is getting ridiculous!




PS _ I just tried to comment after all your comments and it wouldn't let me save it.........


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Sarah,  highlight the blog in the Word document then click on copy or use" control c". To transfer click in the blog box and use control v rather than paste.  The full blog should appear in the box framework.  Give it a title then click on "publish".  I just did that with a sermon and it worked fine for me.  I did delete the sermon, didn't want you all falling asleep at the keyboard...lol.

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Sue,   I know that's the way it's supposed to work, but it's not - I have always done that and it works to copy and paste anywhere else but here.   Sorry, but it's become so frustrating when it doesn't work.  And, when I type it in here and then hit publish it was working for a while, but this time it went to the "page cannot be displayed screen" again just like when I tried saving it as a draft previously.



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Keep working on it until you get it done I was like that at one time so I guess I learned how to get it done>>>>>>

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Sarah, do you have one of the fancy skins on or the plain blue frame?  Because that makes a difference too. If you have one of the fancy frames go to the bottom of the forums page, click on "Change Themes", click on "Invision Blue" and then try to post the blog again. I know I always have to use that one for everything to work well. Actually you can change it from this page too, it is on the bottom left hand side.

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Guest lwisman




I also copy and paste from Word without a problem. If you save it in Word you still have it in case there is a problem.


How long has it been since you cleaned the junk that a computer collects? At the very least clean your browser cache. It could be something has been saved to the cache which the computer is reading rather than what you are pasting. If you don't have a program to clean try accessing Disk Cleanup. It should be on your menu under accessories, system tools, disk cleanup. Also what virus protection are you using? Does it have a clean program? I use McAfee and the clean program that comes with it sometimes works.


Good luck.

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