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Right place right time to give and get a blessing



Some older gentleman struggling to sign is great change for the bus so I offered it. I asked if you needed any money because no no no I've got it and then I said don't forget the quarter on the ground is all I thought that was a nickel and he says well if you got a nickel I'll take that as adaptable but I don't want to see anybody pay more than they have to.


We discussed how blessed we are to have the bus system that we do have because he quit driving in 97 and I told him I quit driving just over a year ago because I had a stroke and I'm I lost my vision to the left in both eyes. He looked at me and said well trust me I know what you mean about a glass st. Apt is his left eye. So yeah I try to take my head off with a shotgun and tell it didn't work. I said to him well you have a great day. He said thank you very much and I did notice a few tears welling up in his right eye when he said thank you to me and he just smiled and said you're such a good person.


I'm so glad we met I am humbled by his comments and the fact that my giving him a nickel was such a blessing for him but being able to give to help someone with such a blessing for me.There are always opportunities to give to people we just have to take advantage of them when they come along.


Be blessed and be a blessing.



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