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Pain is in Control



Today in PT I did lots of vestibular exercises. Therapist said we have to go slow or I may suffer the rest of the day.


But when I was on treadmil I worked through the pain until agony forced me to stop. I did the exercises to help me read with 2 eyes. I am good at using only left one. Or I see double. But I do not have good pain relief. Yes the procedure helped. It was hoped it would work just the medication but the opana does not help very well. I am suffering off and on. Sometimes I can barely stand on that leg. Then there are times it does not hurt if someone touches my foot. Completely unpredictable. How do I explain this to doctors. Here nurses see all these pills and I beg for more. My foot buzzes with a fuzzybuzzy electrical feel. My leg burns sometimes with stabs or deep aching. It always changes. Sometimes I can do more. Sometimes less.


Now I feel at home here. Nesting. Decorating. I bought a beautiful blanket bedspread. I sleep better snuggled with a heavy blanket.

I can once again have the weight of a blanket

On my leg.


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Pam, I will continue to keep me in mind keep you in my daily prayers how's your daughter doing I pray for her daily 2 hang in there unpredictable is better than constant pain isn't it hi no small consolation but you know me I'm always trying to look for the silver lining in that cloud take care enmmy friend friend be well


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Pam, I wish there was an easy solution to your pain problem but it sounds like nerve damage and there is no easy cure for that.  I know you are brave and working though the pain proves that.  I am glad you have some things you like around you now.  Just hang on to the beauty in each day and reach out to others as much as you can.  Even the nasty nurses will see the love in you one day.

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Pam, your blog title gave me such hope for you, but even if it's not all the way better it has improved some so that is good news.  Having a real blanket does make a difference to how well you sleep and hopefuilly better sleep will give you more energy to deal with the pain.  So long as you are doing what you can you are progressing.


Hang in there


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Hello Pam,  you are in my Prayers. I love the way , you don't give up, keep on trucking, pray that it will get better. Love that you now got a blanket, keep looking for the good in each day. 


Bless you pam


Love and hugs



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Just a little thing like the right blanket can make such a difference. I am the same way. I need a heavy blanket, but soft and not stiff. And i have to sleep with my head under the cover. I have to retreat to my own little cocoon. Hope the pain is doing somewhat better. Wish you could sit with me by my window and enjoy a cup of tea. I know you would love it.it is spring, the crabapple trees are in full bloom, the apple tree has lost it's blossoms but has leafed out, so has my new little apricot tree. The birdfeeder is very active with red winged blackbirds and finches. The vineyard finally is starting to leaf out from its bare winter skeleton. I can see my neighbors sheep and baby lambs, goats and chickens. Have you heard the story about the two old men in the hospital room? One has the bed by the window and the other doesnt so every day the man by the window describes all the wonderful things he sees to the other patient. They are separated by a curtain. Finally the other patient gets to meet the patient by the window whom he has been jealous of who has described a beautiful world to him every day, only to learn that the man by the window is blind. Think on that one dear friend. hugs.

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