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The Baby hangs on!



My daughter was sent home from the ER told it was the beginning of a miscarriage that will complete by week's end.Well the baby has hung in there rolling around oblivious to any danger. Ironically this happened to me when pregnant with this daughter!

My daughter said Now the Worry starts! I had an eye rollin belly laugh.

This time is scary.We are reminded life is a gift bestowed. We all pray pleadingly. What a miracle indeed.

I am blessed for having this time with daughter.


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Prayers going up for your daughter and the babe.  Yes, being a grandmother is as scary as being a mother.  God bless you both.

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You and your daughter and your future grandchild will remit will be in my prayers I'm sending positive energy your way that baby's a fighter just like her grandma and that baby will be fine just like her mother


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My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Bless all of you and yes, this baby is special. A blessing for sure. Debbie

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Thank you. Your words are like hands reaching out to me. You guys are like friends sitting with me having a cup of coffee, loaning me your strength until I find mine own.

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Pam :


my thoughts & prayers  are for your daughter & your family.  god works mysterious way in bringing you & your daughter closer.  will keep you all in my prayers.



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