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On Being Irish



Today there was a celebration in the Dining Room. I had not set foot in it since that day I was told to give up my seat. I went to be with my friends here. I sat with friends near kitchen door


There was wine,cider,nibbles on small plates,And green shamrocks all around.A male nurse gave me a shamrock lantern that decorated the nurses station. It sits in cherished spot on nightstand.

We listened to a Harp player,and watched Children doing Irish Dances. It was lovely.

A party. A celebration. Resiliency.


I sat with my back to the VIP table I once defended as a hill to die on. Those Geezers still sit holding court there. I felt pity for them. This is all their lives have come to. They will never leave here and still so arrogant. I go out for therapy,see the world. I will leave here someday.I know I need to go. My roommate kept talking about the guys at the table. It is no longer an issue. I Feel indifferent. I wondered why She kept stirring a cold pot. She often says odd things. Sometimes I get tired oh helping her. This was one time. The little flute of white wine with green food coloring left me feeling drowsy when I came back to the room. She t me to google something about her med. I asked where was her phone. Charging. I said later. She kept going on about me doing that for her. I said later when I get up. It did not sit well. I slept passed dinner. The tv blasted politics. My cna turned it off and I watch netflix. I want out of this community of death that is ultimatly so high school. But I am reallyReally Irish. My Gram used to say there was enough Irish in me to get through anything. I hope so.


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As an orangeman,out of respect for my Catholic brotherern.

I always I did celebrate St Patrick's day. I say any reason for a party is good enough for me,

Jay be well my friend

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I am Irish...thus, I always celebrate St. Patrick's Day and this one was no different in that respect.  Sure it was more difficult to get out and celebrate like years past but we did it.  One of my favorite blessings that I always share is:  May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true...

So, I say to you as an Irish gal...You will receive the blessing that are meant for you and until that time there is nothing wrong with a little bit of the Irish luck to get you the rest of the way.  Penny

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Thank you Penny!! I am glad you are here to read about stroke from survivors. I hope the perspective helps. The caregiver chat is wonderful. AI liked to pop in. It helped me to become aware how selfish I can be when I am into my own recovery stuff. I like those gals.


Sue,yes our tenacity is an inherited gift!!


Jay I agree! Let every day be a party we are all invited to.


I get lucky at bingo sometimes!! Earn snacks.

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