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Getting Radiowaved



I had to fast no food for 6 hours,with the last 2 hours no liquids NPO. Afterwards My blood sugar was 60 after I asked them to check it. They offered me juice boxes of orange juice and graham crackers while I waited 20 minutes in recovery.


I did not even change my clothes into a gown. I had an IV with a mild sedative in my wrist so I could be on my tummy on pillows. There was one nurse watching by the IV,and another one reminding me to breathe deeply. A xray machine was on my right with a man running it, One doc did procedure while another watched and directed from a computer.


So this is my experience. I do not know all technical stuff. They inserted a needle to find the right nervve bundle. They said woohoo thats it when I let out a holler. It is no more painful than what I deal with daily. Then for 30 min they apply the radiofrequency stuff. They talked about food places,food,which was the worst torture because I had not eaten since dinner the day before. Who cared there was something sticking into my spine. Next thing I knew they were cheering and taking Out needle and off to recovery no longer than after I give blood. Honestly there were a few times I felt a zap of quick pain but it was tolerable. That was in the beginning finding the site. That is why you must be awake. Doc had to wake me a few times...those pokes hurt. He would have preferred no sedation. I did not.


I did not feel immediate relief. I had the familiar burning leg. Doc said it did not work? He said give it a week. He hoped it would assist the meds if not replace them.


So then my son took me to a restaurant and to Target. I walked around without pain pill dose. I was thrilled. I walked better with my new padded shoes. It was obvious there was improvement hours later.


A week later, there is reduction of pain so I can walk longer,better, I feel like the meds work,I go to sleep without waiting for pill to work, I do not wake with urgent need for pain pill. I still take 12 hr opana,and 6 hr immediate release, feel burning and pins and needlesBUT the deep ache and cutting edge pain, stabs and crackles are bland or disappeared. My mind is clear. I am happy. I do not want a SSRI to deal with pain. I am on an SNRI max dose.


So the procedure is supposed to reset the brain. I have follow up in 6 weeks. I thought i was having some desensitization trainingm maybe later.


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That's awesome! Glad to hear you are getting some relief. Hopefully this will continue to work for you. My wife went through one of those years ago and it was no fun when they were finding the nerve.

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It is totally awesome I'm glad you're getting some finally getting someone to leave of course it is easy for the medical staff to say hooray we found it as you're screaming and pain I pray that this helps you in the long term be well my friend and keep that walk and going that's incredible.


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