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Blessings abound



And my work at the hospital today I encountered the volunteer coordinator she has to if I was heading out and I said yes I was she said you don't have an umbrella I should know she told me to stop by your office because she had an extra one then she said it's it's a little girly and I said Rosemary you've known me for 30 years when do you think I started caring what people thought about me and we just both laughed

Later I had to meet my daughter on the other end of town we chatted briefly then we went our separate ways I walked to the grocery store using my newly-acquired umbrella to protect me from the rain while waiting for the bus when my coffee drinking buddies was leaving the store and he said where you headed I said downtown is come on I'll give you a ride we could share a cup of coffee I told him I would buy his coffee so she's giving me many rides over the last six months the weekend that ever since we met life is so wonderful I'm glad my positive energy is attracting positively energized people what a blessing.

Be blessed and be a blessing.



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I love  your blogs Jay. it is wonderful that you know that we are blessed, even though we had a stroke, we are still here, breathing, smiling, talking, and liveing. God is good.


Blessings Jay

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English lady thank you for the kind words and you're absolutely right God is good we are all so blessed to be here we need to make the best of our time.

So I'm so glad I put a smile on your face that was sweet of you to share that with me by the way the umbrella did work really well and keep me dry we've had some pretty severe raining all day long I truly am blessed to have the friends and acquaintances in my life.


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