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Beautiful example of caring for someone else



One of my buddies that I've met on the bus saw me carrying those plastic bags of food out of the grocery store he suggested that I get some of those reusable ones cuz they are not hard on your hands and they said yeah the only problem is I don't have any money right now he said you know what I've got a lot of them at home next time I see you I'll give you one well I saw him today and he said to me as promised I told you I give you 1 year ago back I think I got more at home I think I'll give you another one next time I said well I can't thank you enough but we are all in this together right got to watch out for each other and he said would it be nice if more people in the world felt that way what an absolute blessing this man was a complete stranger 2 weeks ago is not sharing with me to make my life better because he knows I go to the grocery store everyday I think between the two of us we can make the world a better place one person at a time be blessed and be a blessing.


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