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Good Grubs!




Well Denny has an interesting food item with his Chocolate ants thing. I hope that Pam read that one and I think that must have been who brought the ants to the PJ party last nite. lol_2.gif


Jean you old softie you put lobsters in the pot head first after the water comes to a full boil. (That way they don't suffer).


I wonder if Frank could russle us up some rattlesnake. I know from experience that seafood chowder is an interesting dish in Tampa Bay. (At least if'n you are a Maritime Canadian boy)


Isn't it interesting when we get to experience foods that we are not so used to having. cocktail.gif


Got any more ideas up your sleeve Denny?


Ps I hear that chicken feet (for soup eh) and innards are sought after in Taiwan.


Anyone for sushi? giggle.gif


I guess I should go and have a toasted cheese sandwich eh.


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I hear Rattlesnake tastes just like chicken! beer.gif


PS maybe we could all try chocolate covered rattlesnake!

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I saw in the baking aisle where you can buy a product called 'Dipping Chocolate'. You just put in the microwave a few minutes, and then you can 'dip' to your heart's delight.


Chef Denny

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