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"Big Bike for Stroke" degree in Funology eh



Hi hiya.gif


Here is some information on the "Big Bike for Stroke" fund raising events that are being held accross Canada this summer.


My sister rode the big bike in Surrey B.C. and told me that she was able to raise 300 dollars with her ride. (it looks like a lot of fun and impressive funds being raised as well)


She sent me a white t shirt and red Cap with the "Big Bike for Stroke" logo on them. (cool)


I have already been asked about the logo and what it is all about.


So here is a link to a website and one to a video (WMP format) on " The Big Bike for Stroke".


(NOTICE!!!....For information use only!!! (Promotion and use of the linked site through Strokenet is a violation of our site rules)


Click here for the "Big Bike for Stroke" site


Click here for the video


Soooo....Do you have your degree in "Funology" eh. lol_2.gif


Smiles smile.gif



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I want to have a go- that is bike riding in style.......


What happens if someone falls off? Like the old Keystone cop movies do they all keel over!!

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