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paying it forward



Chatting with a friend at the coffee house, he asked where my coffee was, l said i was broke so he bought me a cup. I said when I have some money i would pay him back, he said no need next time you have money buy a cup for someone who needs it.

The very next day chatting with another buddy. He looked at the clock and said 10 more minutes and I get some money so I can have a coffee, I bought him a cup

I told him no need to

O pay me back. I told him the story of yesterday and said just pay it forward. He was amazed and loved the idea and the cup of coffee.

We both had a blessed day,


Be well, god bless


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Yes, paying it forward works.  One of my friends on here is great on that and has had many blessings that way.  Good for you Jay.

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