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Double connection



At the hospital today I met a new stroke survivor when I introduced myself as the stroke Ambassador because I am a stroke survivor her face just lit up I could tell she appreciated having somebody who could understand what she's going through and we chatted about that quite a while she mentioned something about her work and I said well where are you working or where were you working and she need to place that I worked worked for quite a few years ago but I spent 10 years working for the organization working with developmentally disabled adults a little while later in the conversation I said what work are you doing and she identified a program took a $50,000 your grant program and made it into a half-million-dollar self-sustaining fee-for-service program I'm so glad to see it still going she thanked me so much for taking time to chat with her and then the social worker came in to finalize a couple things cuz she's being discharged on Thursday I said well if you don't mind I'd like to pop in and check on your Thursday morning before you get out of here is it everytime I make a connection with somebody they kick him out of here and she laughed so I'm just excited to get home I said and I'm excited for you it was such a blessing to make an incredible connection with this person and talk to her about the Two-Face Two-Face support groups in town and the strokenet work and she was interested in all the information she can get so I'm going to make sure I give her a little bit of a cheat sheet about her discharge so that you had the information that she needs boy I was flying high after that one today it was just so wonderful to make a connection with a stroke survivor and help her realize that there is hope for the future then we talked about everyone's different but then to find out that she's working in a program that I developed over 25 years.

Be blessed and be a blessing.



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Jay, good for you, you do a great job being a stroke ambassador in that place.  I am sure all the patients you see have much more hope when you leave them.  It is a great gift you have for them.

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Jay :


that's amazing. you are doing amazing job as stroke ambassador giving hope to survivor who is so scared of their future  in their initial [phase of recovery. I bet its exciting to see the project you developed in your career  is doing so well.  Would love to meet you some day.





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