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A brief flash of the past



Last week the volunteer coordinator send an invitation to the annual volunteer recognition dinner, with a deadline to RSvp.


Yesterday she sent out a follow-up email to all the volunteers yesterday she sent out a follow up email to all the volunteers as reminder to RSVP for the dinner.

With the new security measures put in place by the new company that bought the hospital when you send a group email it hides all the other email addresses except for the person that's receiving it.

some of the people were unhappy with the email thinking they were being single doubt after they already RSVP'd so she sent out a clarifying email today.

I told her anybody offended obviously hasn't worked in a big organization.

She responded to me saying you're absolutely right they don't understand and the challenges of the transition and the added stress that she has because of it and she said she was much more thin skin than she ever was before. hi told her that I thought she was doing a great job and I said if you could get an email like that that just frustrates you and you want to pawn the keyboard with response go ahead and do it but then walk away before you send it come back to it later reread it and see if its what you really want to say or if you wear just venting. .

How sweet to get a glimpse of my past and hopefully provide some assistance to a good friend of mine its really a common sense thing that most people in made it positions feel the realize but I'm hoping it helps her.

Be blessed and be a blessing.


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That's surprising that it is just now being used.   It has been polite protocal to not expose everyone's email on any mailing list, because you only need one stinker to sell everyone's email or start hassling others.   Gosh, for 20 years, at least, I've known about blind copy.   I can't believe the hospital is just learning this!     If you open an email to someone, most mail programs will have

the top line:   TO

second line:   Cc - carbon copy and other email addresses -I use when I want to send picture                       to both son and daughter inlaw.

third line:        Bcc - blind carbon copy - each person will only see their own email address.                         Always used with a group of people, as it's not our place to pass other's info                           around, nor hand out their phone numbers, nor addresses.    


Somehow, in the past, someone I casually knew, put me on her SEND list somehow, and soI got everything she sent out, as well as everyone else on the list.   Well, there were a couple of people on her list that my address got on their send list.   And I got all their crap mail that I didn't even know these people.   What a mess.

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