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Our Vegetable Garden




This year we are growing a garden in straw bales. The weeds have literally taken over so it was either raised beds or straw bales. First we treated the straw bales with high nitrogen fertilizer and steer manure and water to break down the straw bales. We used black plastic to speed up the process. Next we will plant tomatoes, peppers, herbs, lettuce, veggies, veggies, veggies, etc...... in the rotted bales. The veggies like that. Using the straw bales will help with the weed problem and I cannot bend over very good, so planting in the ground is a problem. We also have a mini orchard next to the straw bale garden so I may plant watermelon seeds in the tree wells. When we plant trees here in the desert, we must first dig a small well to fill with water to keep the trees alive during the summer. Its very rewarding to have fresh veggies to eat. We sometimes go to the farmers market and either trade or sell our veggies. One year, we had a very good crop of tomatoes. I picked 50 lbs in 1 day. I went to the farmers market that day and since I was the only one with tomatoes, I sold 50 lbs in 8 minutes. That was rewarding.

Other years we got wiped out by the leaf jumpers. Everyone did. Those little pests wiped us out 2X. This year I am so excited about the straw bale garden. I hope the picture shows up. I will try to give updates as the summer progresses.


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Thank you SweeetMom, I love gardening blogs.  Your method sounds exciting so I am looking forward to your update, and pictures too as you seem to have that sorted as well. Well done!

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Wow! I have never heard of that - sounds interesting. I look forward to future reports. Do you need to do anything to adjust the PH? One year we tried growing potatoes in a "tire tower." It was a dismal failure and ugly as heck. 

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Sounds good, do keep us updated on how it goes.  I have heard of this kind of gardening but don't' know how it works.  One of my sons lives on the end of the desert at a small inland city called broken Hill, once a big mining area.  He  can't plant anything directly into the soil because of the high lead content and so straw bales with black plastic under them are worth as try.


Link to Broken Hill information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_Hill,_New_South_Wales



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I started 19 tomato plants, I ended up with 6 to plant. I planted 4 so far, the wind broke 1 off. So now waiting for the wind to die down. I have to go out and buy more plants now. But the straw bales seem to be working well. crossing my fingers with a little prayer.

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I've been planting all this week. However, I guess I pulled a stomach muscle and the last 2 days have been agony. I have more tomato plants to plant but I hurt so much, I can't get out there. It seems the straw bales are working. My peppers are doing great (crossed fingers). I will add pictures when I get everything planted.

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Well now its august. Picking everyday or trimming. I've been having medical problems, gall bladder, kidney stones. The surgeon won't take out gall bladder until I go to a neurologist to see why I had the strokes. Now thats a problem, because the only neurologist in this town is booked to the gills. 1 yr or more out. the next neurologist is in another town 70 miles away is about 3-5 months out. 

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