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48 Years Ago Today




At two o'clock in the afternoon on April 20, 1968 Gary and I were married in the Catholic Cathedral in Rapid City, S. Dakota..........who would have thought we'd both still be here?!? lol


We are getting a newer golf cart today, so we can get around the park easier now that the post office has moved our mailboxes to group clusters and ours is nearly 2.5 blocks away. There's no way I'm walking that in 95-115 degree heat in the summers. It will also be easier to park when we go to the socials at the clubhouse since they have limited handicap parking and closer up golf cart parking. After the golf cart gets here, I'm taking Gary out to the casino for crab legs - his favorite thing to do is go to casino, he could really care less about eating. lol


Hit an all-time high on the scale last weekend after months of stress eating, so really buckled down this week and have lost nearly 9 lb. in 4.5 days, but have a long, long way to go. Hoping that when I fly back to N.Dak. in August for 50 yr. class reunion, I won't have to pay for an extension on the safety belt on plane. lol




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Wow Sarah :


Happy Anniversary to you both. you both look make beautiful & handsome couple & you got married before I was even born so wow long time married couple. ofcourse that means gone through so many ups & downs of life together.  Enjoy your day together.



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That's great I wish you two all the success and many, many more years together... I too was an E4 or spec 4 we were called, in 1958 when I got married to my high school sweetheart and we had two kids, girl and a boy... My daughter was born in Munich Germany Army Hospital in 1964 and my son at Fort Hood Texas in 1966 and the next year I got orders for Germany again....


Happy Anniversary to you two wonderful people and many more anniversaries to come your way.....

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Sarah, it would have been 48 for Ray and I too.  Congratulations and prayers for a good year ahead for you and Gary. Crab legs...yum.

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Happy Anniversary to both of you. Sarah, thank you for the picture. You were both so cute!!


Love the golf cart idea.


Celebrations all around!! Debbie

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