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We're Heating Up!




Mid May and we've already hit triple digits a few days last week. Today we will get up to mid 80s, then back into the 90s for the rest of the week. I think I've got our home ready for the summer monsoon storms...next month will be the real test. After the damage last September from the worst monsoon since we moved to AZ, I replaced the front windows and eliminated two of them, then just a few weeks ago, I replaced the old awnings with the roll-a-shield awnings that I can open and close with the push of a button from inside the front room. I've already noticed a huge difference in the energy efficiency since my AC would have been running full blast without them, and now only kicks in a few times a day. I may have spent a fortune initially for the roll down shades, but they will protect us from the wild winds and rain storms, as well as the hot afternoon sun on the south side. In the long run, I expect to save a bundle on my electric bill.


With the weather heating up, I am waiting till late in the day to go out anywhere with Gary. The heat seems to wear him out more than anything and when I only have to make a quick run into a store, I can leave him sit in the car with windows down for a few min. at a time, but not during the hottest part of the day. I am stalling off hiring a new caregiver or agency until Fall since we have a few trips planned for the summer. I booked a weekend in Pinetop, AZ for June and we will take his former caregiver, Kelly with us for hers and our birthdays. It will be a nice escape from the heat in the valley. And, in August I will be flying back to ND for the 50th class reunion and leaving him home with our youngest son to care for him and the dogs.


We have Kelly over one or two times a week when I absolutely have to get out and can't take Gary. He still likes going to shoot pool with her at the clubhouse and now that I had to get a new golf cart, it makes things easier for them to get out. Golf cart makes it easier to check mail now that the USPS has moved our mailboxes to a group cluster several blocks away (no more home delivery). Kelly is also a good advocate for pushing for handicap accessibility here in the park, since she knows most of the staff here and how to contact the owner. We will likely have her over to help him celebrate his 12 yr. stroke anniversary on June 1st. She is amazed that we are still going strong that long ...........and so are we ....we're like the energizer bunnies..........we just keep going and going! lol




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Sarah :


seems like Gary & I both stroked in 2004. I m just  few months senior to him, both with different abilities & still enjoying life with our family by our side. yes as a caregiver your job is tougher than my husband since I am more mobile & differently able than Gary.



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The heat is on in Florida. We had three days of 90's . That last night a storm came and rained all night. Thank goodness no damage.  The heat in AZ, is a different heat from Florida. I have been to AZ, and your heat is "dry", Florida is just so humid! 


Please you have a good caregiver, to help you. That helps, knowing that your love one is left in good hands.   your summer looks like it is going to be fun. I have family comming in .Disney here we come lol.



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I was visiting my son in Broken Hill and woke up in the middle of he night frozen, those temps can sure drop in desert country.  Back home and it is milder on the coast but winter is still on her way.You have to appreciate the heat while the milder weather is still available some days.


Yes, Sarah, you have been here a long time and you are, despite everything thrown at you, still going strong. And so remarkably is Gary.

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Yea I know what you mean with me paying my electric bill here in Texas that usually runs close to two hundred dollars even if we just run the ceiling fans.... I'm the only one home all day and I keep the thermostat on 78..... This week 5 days we got much rain coming down in my part of Texas.....

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