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yesterdays blessing and life lesson came from a 4 year old.



My grandson was visiting yesterday when I walked in the house he screamed hi papa!


Grandma showed him how to make a balloon sing, you now put air in balloon and pinch between fingers as the balloon sing, followed by a lid squeal and uncontrolled laughter, all I could do was smile and laugh. We all need to take time and appreciate the little things in life and just enjoy things.

Amazing that this 4. Year old teaching this old dog new tricks.


Okay maybe just a reminder.


Still a lovely thing I am able to witness and appreciate


Be blessed and be a blessing.



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Oh yeeaaahhhhh. I havent done that in ages. Yes, that and a whoopie cushion. I remember laughing over so many things

With my kids. Grandkids let us be young again. Enjoy!!!

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