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Humbled beyond words



I've been volunteering at the hospital for just over a year now my title is patient Ambassador which is really a quality assurance day talking with the patients making sure everything's okay and make sure they understand I can't fix anything but I get it directed to the right people recently one of the nurses introduced me to a stroke survivor is the stroke and bassador and when I introduce myself I let them know that I am a stroke survivor that definitely opens the door to a lot of discussions


About six weeks ago the CEO of the hospital contacted the volunteer coordinator work with patients identifying if they want to participate in the patient portal accessing the initial access of the patient portal.

There are four other patient ambassadors at the hospital and all 4 of them are digging their heels in that's not my job I don't have time for.

The coordinator stopped me last week and asked if I would be willing to taking the first step which is just meeting with the patients and seeing if they are interested in the patient portal so I started that the special project on Friday I work Friday and Saturday and then again Tuesday this week I had lunch with the other patient ambassadors and they were all grumbling that they had to talk to the CEO and get an answer because they didn't want to do that patient portal of course I feel a little intimidated so I didn't tell them that I already started the process on Friday.

After lunch walking down the hallway to catch the elevator up to the floor to meet with more patience I saw the CEO of walking down the hallway I don't believe we were ever formally introduced however she said to me you're doing that patient portal project for us aren't you and I said yes I am and she said I can't thank you enough because that is so helpful and I said I can't thank you enough for the opportunity I'd love to talk and this gives me another opportunity to talk to more people plus it fills a need for the hospital I didn't mention to the CEO volunteers that I was already doing the project and she said you know what you are the walking example of what true volunteerism is doing something just because it's the right thing to do I was so humbled shocked that she knew who I was and the fact that she went acknowledge me that way that I am the true example of volunteerism I was floating on air after that one.

When I went upstairs developer office to log out of the computer the executive assistant stopped me and she said I understand you're doing the patient portal for us and I said yes she says it's so wonderful that you're doing that such a great assistance to us if you need any additional resources you let us know.

Wow going from an unknown volunteer or least I assume that was unknown to the CEO and her assistant both acknowledging my work in one day what an absolute blessing.and very humbling experience.


Be blessed and be a blessing


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You are an example of the best of volunteerism, and without volunteers so much is lost.  Glad you have that sense of purpose and are willing to give your time to a great cause.



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