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We Just Don't Know What Tomorrow Will Bring



We all live day by day and we never know if a stroke will come along or not or perhaps we have already survived a stroke or two.... We never know one day to the next if we will even be here the following day because life is fragile as we all exist as best we can with what we are having to deal with..... I have always said a stroke is no joke and can take you out in a few seconds while it takes a lifetime to get better.....


I sure didn't think my stroke would have kept me down this long little did I know it would last a lifetime and I'm still getting treatments daily trying to learn to walk again.... The one thing is I lost my left side I'm totally paralyzed on my left side which I'm told now by many doctors that it would not come back so I'm learning daily to live with it or without it I should say.... So being one handed when you had two all your life does make a big, big difference in how you do things for yourself....


It doesn't even seem like I been a member on here since 2005 but it has been that long but I have learned so much being here among many people from around the world just like me..... We still have new members joining almost every day and they learn so much about strokes by just being members here as I did....


My hat is off to Steve Mallory in creating a wonderful site where many others can learn about strokes and how they affect the body and the brain..... I even had a time where I volunteered my time and services to this site which I enjoyed so much while I learned more and more about strokes and how they affect the human body in so many ways....


I'm from such a large family and the only one to ever have suffered a stroke until it was a shock to me but I have learned to live whit it finally.... I had a good job operating a bowling pro shop inside a bowling center making real good money for my family but one day that all came to an end and six months later I had to sell out.... I sure could not operate machines with one hand or leg drilling bowling balls to sell to my customers nor could I actually bowl in leagues any more....


I'm a very thankful survivor for what I learned working for myself running my very own business and making a good living doing so.... :D


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Fred we do have to be thankful for what we have.  that is sometimes hard to do.  You do a good job of making the most of what you have.  Great you have been on Strokenet helping people since 2005, keep up the good work.

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I just have to say it gets hard sometimes to keep in a good spirit and moving forward with a stroke to recover from after so many years..... It's just out right hard to do for most people after living most of their lives without a stroke or a major injure in their life......


I find it very hard to be one handed and my left side paralyzed and me not being able to use it or depend on it like a two handed man..... But God knows what He has in store for all of us as we all live our lives as best we know how....


Did you see in the news about the killings of eight people I think some place in Ohio?? They think was an exucation?  We never know the day nor the time!!!! So it is true "We never know what tomorrow will bring".....

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You've done well in all this time that you've survived your stroke.   You should feel proud of all your accomplishments or working in your scooter and taking care of yourself at home while your wife worked.   It does get harder as time goes by, but for everyone.


Yea, saw that Fred.    You don't have to have a stroke to change your whole life, someone can just shoot you :(

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I don't blog very often anymore, but still read the blogs. I have been a member for 2 years and have always loved your posts Fred! You are always so positive and have a positive attitude! Thank you!

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Fred you always sound upbeat when you post.My left side is also paralyzed andI continue to search for the perfect brace to stop my ankle from rolling.I still refuse to give up.blessings Lynn

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You reminded me that life just is unpredictable whether by fate destiny or random occurances aligning, It does seem that the plans of mice and men are mystifying. What I have always believed is that no matter what, I will be ok....sometimes, eventually...or maybe just a few hours at a time. What is hardest is the losses,the bits of me taken away by things, the changes when life seemed to be going well...or do I only remember it that way. Aging isnt for sissys. We are in His loving arms Fred so why fuss over stuff that we cannot take with us. We are here on His time for his Glory Because they will know we are Christians by our love. You have been a shining light here with your honesty as well as your encouragement. Rest Easy in the moment my friend. We can be ok.

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Yea, I believe too that no matter what I will be OK in this life as I have done good with the stroke I still got Life and my wife so I'm, good to go.... God is with me daily I'm still here at the age of 74 and will be 75 in July if I live to see that day.....

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