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Well It's On To More Healing Of My Body



I'm dealing with a lot on my plate and have been for some time now but healing my body is my main goal so I can attend church again and many more things I just haven't been quite able to accomplish on my own.... My wife is such a wonderful caregiver and holding down a full time job too at the bank.....


She quit her job for two years when I first had the stroke and I got better and went to work for three years at Walmart as a greeter using my scooter as all life was good for both of us.... It wasn't until we went to Vegas and I had falls on the shuttle bus that I went down again but lately I'm doing better in many ways and I got in home care now until I can recover just a bit more in my abilities to walk better and can stand up from a regular seat...


I'm not complaining and recovery takes plenty of time so I thank God I'm alive and healing as best I can..... So more healing and I believe I can start to attend church again with my wife as we used to do every Sunday.... She sings in the choir and also on the Praise Dance team and I haven been there in months of Sundays and I'm really ready to attend church again........ :D God willing this will all happen for me and my wife....


I think my in home care is near the end by now anyway so I just want to get better with walking and not falling.... One day I hope to be whole again by the Grace of God!!!!!! A stroke is no joke and healing takes it's own sweet time!!!!!!! I have been at healing for nearly 12 years and I'm not giving up now I've come too far on Hope and Prayers to God above..... :roflmao:


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Fred, it takes a lot of concentration to stand and walk.  You have the determination so hope you can get there.  know how much you miss your church and the friends you have there.

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Thanks Sue and Asha for your support, prayers, and giving me hope and more strength in my body by the grace of God and your prayers and well wishes....


I just pray my paralyzed side holds up awhile longer and give me more strength to walk.... :D

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I will pray for you Fred.  As I watch my husband go through his routine of therapy and do his homework each day I ache for him to just have one little moment of success.  Each week he improves but it is an improvement that moves slower than a snail.  So, I will commend you and encourage you to keep hoping.  Like I tell my husband..."What else do we have to do?"  "We will keep doing this until the end of time."  

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