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The VA Appointments I Got Coming Up



Well it's not new news but I got to go to the VA for tomorrow and the next few days to get things done to my scooter lift in my vehicle which is install a new lift since this one is twelve years old and very used over that time.... Then to see my VA doctors and a bit more stuff has to get done on this trip....


The 25th of this month is my eye appointment and then I'm good for another year except for the Dental appointments later this year and at that time I sorta start all over again but at least they take pretty good care of us Veterans for the most part I have to admit.... It is a 30 mile drive one way so I have to make sure I schedule everything so I don't have to double right back there in a few days using more gas than needed....


I speak of it this early so I don't forget the days and try to insure I got the days and times down pat since my wife always want to go there with me using one of her sick days I guess.....


Well we got the taxes done and got one more payment due IRS soon and that will be another bill paid in full since we never get a refund in the last few years.... We own our home now no more mortgage payments and very little property tax here in Texas..... That's why I still drive a 2003 Ford Explorer which is still in great shape with over 204,000 miles on it and runs great so I plan on having it for a few more years and no payments....


Then at my age I don't want nor need a new vehicle long as this one will get me where I need to go and I just put new tires on it which should last for a lot more years to come.... I can't complain about the service it has given me over all these years.....


So I'm just blogging again to stay current sorta, and life is good.... I'm still at home with the dog and her little 8 month old puppy we kept so I got company all day until the grand kid gets home about 330 or 4pm from school then she is off to vollyball practice or Piano practice..... So I'm on the go much of the day and week doing something for somebody.... Never a dull day for me it seems.... Well that's life with all the rain we have gotten in my area as of late....


Our next trip will be off to the casino I hope or maybe to New Orleans so my wife can visit her family since they usually come visit us at Christmas time...


So hope everybody is OK and doing good enjoying the fall of the year because we all know Winter is not too far away now.... See you all later!!!!! :D Keep on kicking life is good.... :roflmao:


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Fred, my Autumn your Spring. Yes, all the appointments, it was the same with Ray, weeks it seemed put aside to go to this specialist or that doctor.  Now i rarely see one myself but do have a couple of routine appointments soon.  Enjoy your life as much as you can, if you try to make each day special, life becomes truly worthwhile.

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Oh Sue, every day is special like today, school is out at one PM I pick up my grand daughter then head to scooter repair for one PM as well to get the lift replaced with a new one.. then back to the heart doctor's office by 330 PM.... Busy day for sure!!!!

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Fred, you are busy, but it is what keeps us going. I enjoy every day, I know I am blessed.  I go to my center,  doing my Keep fit class, play bingo, and we been having a lot of partrys.   My Grand son has been playing soccer, and running track. I am so proud of him.


April has just ended, but Florida is hot already. We had three days of 90's!   So summer is going to be hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Be safe, on your trip.Prayers that everything goes well.



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One appointment down yesterday but I got a few more to make this month plus pick up my grand daughter from school around 3PM each day....


I had to get my scooter lift replaced by the VA yesterday so now I got a Bruno lift as my old one was put in about 2004 when I first had the stroke...

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