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No more Colonoscopies



Well my doctor said I didn't need to have any more done everything looks good not even in 2023 which is what he first said to I guess my body has no more polyps or what ever they are called so that's good news for now I was glad to hear that news.... I took my other ones I had done at another hospital a few years back plus what they had on file at the VA so hopefully my body is cleared.....


My wife was all smiles so I suppose I will be living with her a little while longer if nothing else pops up but your health is one thing you never know what or when something will show up that has to be addressed.... :D I just pray for the best results possible each year..... I know one day we all have to depart this life we live with our loved ones, kids, and grand kids too....


I just want to get where I can walk better and do more for myself like I was when the stroke first happened nearly 12 years ago now.... I pray that day and time comes around again.... I really would like to dance with my wife again at one of her office parties at Christmas time since she wants to work until she is 65 or even 70 to retire with more income.... Who knows what she will do not even her at this time..... :Doh:


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That is great news. I still have to go every 5 yes because my mom passed with colon cancer and sister has had precancerous polyps.Fortunately I've been free of these .Hoping they will have another way of testing in 5 yrs., maybe blood test. Fingers crossed. Blessings Lynn

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I am so glad for you. Well your wife is like me. I am not sure when I will retire.

12 years is a long time. Congratulations. Yes I do hope that you make it here again.

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Hey thanks for reading my little blog this week you all as I was pleased to hear that news but I know at my old age that one day I got to leave this life I have enjoyed for so long.... God has already granted me more days than I expected when the Army sent me to Vietnam and I came back alive after my back operation so close to my spine I could have been paralyzed then.... Then the stroke got me on my left side in 2004 and I'm still going....


It's just my sister, one of the twins, born in 1935, and me left alive far as we both know about... I'm my moms 18th child as the twins were number 16 and 17 child of our mom whom lived to be 82 and was born in 1898 while my dad passed in 1955 but was born in 1876 I think it was and far as he knew since he was brought to America as a slave from Africa as a small child.....All he knew was work and farming with his children before me.....


When you look at my picture here you are looking at him same height....

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