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Eye Appointment In Two Weeks



Well it's back to the eye doctor in two week to get the lens checked that they put in my eyes for me to see much better without wearing eye glasses any more and so far it has worked.... I got my own concerns on how they take them out and put the same ones back in again??


To me it seems like I don't see as clear now as I did when they first put the lens in about two years ago.... It could be that my vision has gotten a bit harder to see in the last few years... What ever the case or cause that I don't see as well now I hope they find the cause and it can be corrected.... I still use my reading glasses for news papers and sometimes while using this computer....


First it seemed like the ink in my computer just wasn't dark enough for me to read my own typing but I put in new ink cartage's and it stayed the same dim view as with the old cartage I took out... The writing was a bit lighter than I thought it should have been....


So perhaps I will discover the reason my vision seems a bit dimmer now than when they first installed the lens in my eyes that long ago....


Oh, since I was so close to the VA I had my scooter lift replaced too and this new one is better than the older one that lasted 12 years so now I can operate it myself but when my wife is along with me she likes to get my scooter in and out for me since I can only use one hand and you really need two hands getting the seat on and off..... :roflmao: More in the next Blog....


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It will be for the lens in my eyes as of now they seem to be not as sharp for me to see like I did when they put them in a couple years ago..... I'm thinking they may need replacing or my eyes have lost more sight making it harder for me to see clear.... Who knows???? I don't want to go Blind for sure.....

Take care and tell your husband hello for me.... Fred

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Hi Fred,  hope your app. goes well. We be thinking postive, and  looking for a good out come.  


Blesssings on their way to you and your family



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I just learned today from my barber who had his appointment last week at the VA that our doctor is not there any longer and she was the best and the one that put my lens in my eyes a couple years ago now..... So I hope the next doctor can get me seeing better in my left eye so I don't have to try and see using my reading glasses.....


My appointment is Wednesday the 25th..... 

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