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Tomorrow Is the Eye Appointment Day At The VA



I'm in hopes they can figure out why the lens in my left eye seems to be a little weak while the right eye is still OK and I can see good with it..... Maybe they will have to replace the left one I don't know until I see them tomorrow.... I guess all the cataracts are gone by now.....


Then the next day Thursday I go see my heart doctor for a check up at his office here in town....... Being a retired disable Veteran it seems like appointment are always on the schedule of your daily going and comings but I don't complain they take care of me real good in my condition......


I'm just elated I can still drive myself to all my appointments where ever they may be but my wife likes to go with me too..... :rolleyes:


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Fred, you are in my thoughs and prayers. It is great that your wife wants to come with you. She is a keeper !


Take care Fred, God bless



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Well my left eye had really changed but the doctor's answer was make sure I use the drops morning and night or I could go blind!!!!!! So back to the drops without fail morning and night.....

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