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Nothing Much To Discuss So Just Blogging About Life!!



I did my eye appointment at the VA and the doctor said to insure I use the drops mornings and at night to fight the glaucoma condition in my eyes or I could go blind..... So I know that has to be done this stroke is enough to deal with and I don't need nothing else to worry about..... I realize age brings about changes in every ones life so i have to think about that too and deal with it as best I know how....


I do feel I have come a long way as a survivor of a major stroke 12 years ago so I will not ever give up trying to live my life as best I can every day...... I guess long as I am able to drive myself use my scooter and got reasonable health I will do all I can to be here with my wife and family....


I hope to start attending church again pretty soon I sure miss attending every Sunday and hearing the preacher give us his sermons.... My slow walking unstable as it is gives me concern but I got to overcome that as best I can..... Our church is 30 miles away in the next town but we been members there for years and other family members have been there for years as well... Once you find a church home you hate to leave plus my wife is in the choir and a member of the Praise dance team and they dance on second Sundays most of the time....


We been members there since 2002 and the church has been there for years and years (105) I think!!!! So life goes on and my wife loves being a member there as I do.... :roflmao:


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