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Living Is Like Making A Collage



If you put every picture straight then its kinda boring, you can try to plan it out but you end up making it up as you go,mistakes blend in eventually,it always feels like it needs more and is never finished, it fits together like it was all designed to, some mistakes look better than the plan.


I make collage on a poster board with my next door neighbor. I saw her sitting by window alone, so I kept inviting her to bingo. Eventually she said yes. She aLways goes now. When I wanted to be her roommate the social worker said no because we are a bad match. So now I wake her up to get a free manicure, remind her it is bingo day, request a bagel for breakfast for her, and help her with odds and ends like seeking help. Now I am helping her avoid boredom by making a collage. We cut out magazines. She picked a theme. She is hard of hearin so she shouts,and she was a nurse in new york for 50 years so her communication style can sound direct and harsh. Now we are gluing and our styles aqre different. Interesting to watch. She asks me numerous times what day is it. she forgets Things. I remind her. I soothe her worries. I watch television with her and she makescomments that entertain me. We watch a variety of them. I laugh. Now new roomie is jealous and mean now. Little annoyances. I ignore her bad behavior. I put on earphones. ?. One night she banged on my tray and it was startling so I up in arms saying Just get away from me.


Now she is not the person I thought she was.I helped her so now it has been hard to set boundaries. She is very bossy. To everyone.Many daily incidences and now I see real person and not the one trying to get me to be her room mate.


Good news, I am moving to assisted living. I am looking. Overwhelming to choose, to commit..but I must do it. I have to get out of this place to a place to have freedom and start my life over. Literally.


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Yes, you will do well in assisted living, you have done as much as you can where you are and now you need more independence.  You will find plenty to do out in the community if you can find suitable transport.  Good luck with your search.

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God bless you for helping your next-door neighbor many people are not who we think they are with our first impressions your honesty and caring reminds me of a comment a boss of mine once said no good deed goes unpunished best wishes on your move you do have the rest of your life ahead of you keep us posted that is wonderful that you're moving on and it will be nice to have some free time God bless you keep keep helping others I know it helps me so much to help others and it will do it does you too be well my friend you are in my prayers.


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Pam, the first time I read this I missed something vital.  In life when you are helping others there will always be someone who thinks you are neglecting them, you are doing something you have no business doing, or that they could do it better.  It is part of helping others that you will make others jealous. It is something I keep in mind so often just do things quietly without telling others what I actually am doing. Might not be what you were thinking but I saw that in what you wrote.

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I am glad you are going and more  importantly able to go into assisted living.  I read about your recent success with pain medication.  as a saying I attribute to st john of the cross, "all is well, and all is well, and all manner of thing will be well"


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Sue,thank you for thinkg about what I write and responding to it. I value your counsel.

I agree with you. My absence is hard to do silently.


Thak you David !

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