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A Major Change!



Hello Anybody who happens to see this!


Well, it has happened. About five and a half months ago on Friday the 13th (of November 2015) I left work for the last time, I turned 66 in October so eligible for 100% social security.


After a massive hemorrhagic stroke in May 2005 it was miraculous I was able to work this long. The last year was great with four trips to the UK, one to Sweden and one to Australia. I'll miss the travel, but from now on travel is with the two of us. We're going to visit three national parks this summer, then fly to Korea this fall. Much of our military career was spent in Korea and we've not been there since 1990 so we're excited to see how its changed. We're also planning to take a trip to Denver soon to see if we want to move back there for our retirement.


We plan to do a lot of concentrated grand daughter spoiling (we have three) just because we can!


I owe our ability to have these choices and to enjoy our retirement to Dr. John McVicker and his emergency surgery team (and the Swedish Hospital ICU team), to the rehab folks at Porter Select hospital, to Dr. Weintraub and his therapy team at Craig Rehab hospital (all in Denver) and to the folks at the community re-integration therapy team at Moss Rehab in New Jersey.


Thanks all for your support!


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Axel, you came to Australia and you didn't visit ME!!! Good to see your update, great you have reached retirement age and have 100% social security, financial security takes such a load off your shoulders.  I read back to your first blog remembering when you were still making an assessment of what was now available to you.,  Your new blog is a long way from those first tentative steps after your stroke and I am sooooo proud of your achievements.  Thanks so much for being on here over all those years ago, and for posting this blog to update us now.

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