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Eleven Years!



This week (just passed) marked my eleven year anniversary into my third life ( I was born, I was Baptized, then I survived!)


As I do every year, I send an annual note of thanks out to the four hospitals and four teams of doctors, nurses, therapists, lab workers etc that had anything to do with my recovery. Here is this year's (much shorter than normal) diatribe!


Hello all! As always it is hard to believe its been so long. Eleven

years and a day since I began this tremendous post AVM rupture journey.

As I recall for you every year (usually on 5/18 - I missed it this year -

for a good reason) I suffered an AVM rupture, was operated on by the good

folks of Dr. McVicker and team at Swedish, then foisted off on three

rehab hospitals.


You guys remain in my thoughts and receive my prayers of thanks daily! I

missed thanking you on the anniversary this year (yesterday) because Chong

and I were on travel looking for a retirement home in Douglas County




Anyway - not a long diatribe this year, but thank you for my life!


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You are progressing my friend and as we get better as the years pass I pray we will get our lives back by the grace of God.......

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Axel, the main things is that you are still with us and still doing well.  The survival did depend on the medical staff at first but since then has depended on you and your determination to be well.  Congratulations!

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