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Apologies everyone.......



It has been ages since I last blogged, and to tell the truth I haven't had the heart to write anything. But two regulars in here both emailed me today and urged me to make another entry.


The last time I blogged - if I recall correctly - my delusional son in law had left my daughter and her two young sons 2 weeks after the family had moved into another home, which had a whopping mortgage. It transpired about 10 days ago that he had taken up with his equally delusional 37 yo girl friend (who has a young daughter and a live-in mother) and she has discovered that she is pregnant......by accident!


What this has to do with stroke board heaven only knows, but it helps me if I let off a little steam about the ex and his slutty little gold digger.


On to other things.....at the end of this month I start a one month to five weeks intensive exercise course that will run to three 5-hour sessions a week. I'm looking forward to it. And I'm not looking forward to it. But it has been specially designed to help ease my incessant pain and spasticity. I have had interviews and lengthy discussions in preparation for the course with an OT, physio and psychologist.


The only drawback is that I have a 80km 90-minute drive in peak hour traffic in both directionsj, and I will most prolly have to do it alone. I generally don't drive further than 5-10km these days due to my partial paralysis in my right side and the other effects of my three strokes.


Anyhow, it's good to blog again, albeit briefly, and I shall try to make my entries more regular....


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Thanks Mitch, love your blogs.  The course sounds interesting so maybe if there is anything that you can see as a potential help for others you could do a blog on it?  With our northern hemisphere friends in Spring now the survivors are probably looking for new forms of torture to improve their lives...lol.

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Thanks, Sue and Elizabeth.  I'll try to be more regular.  And, Elizabeth, I have to use a left handed spinner knob.  Its a condition of my licence.

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The course sounds very intentes!   please let us know how it goes.  Hope the driving is not too bad. I am please in some way , that I don't drive. The roads are bad, traffic is so heavy, I live in Florida, near Disney, need I say anything more.  If People were nicer, and put down the phone! No driving for me, my blood pressure could not take it.  



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Everything is fair game if it happens in the life of a stroker. Thanks for sharing. You address the real life dilemma of handling anger that results in stress and impacts physical health.


I wonder what you have experienced along the way,but I do not wish to pry. I too have angry thoughts attached to adult kids dating that I stuff down and refuse to get into drama. But my big toe gets into it regardless. Holding onto belief that This is My time now. Expressing it venting blowing off steam healthyness necessities. Stroke complicates the usual unusual things in life.


On a high note 5 hours of exercising will cleanse body and mind of stored up thought tensions. Your focus will be redirected to your essences so you can See clearly and Feel fully. This always helps me. But I only do 30 minutes. I hope you share that journey because the topic of exercise and personal growth interests me.


I miss the relation and thrill of driving,not to mention freedom. I would like to see what my ability is now and work that.


Welcome back buddy!

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