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Being a parent is often a pain in the butt



Jules and I have just returned from Melbourne and are settling down in front of a blazing fire while it rains cats and dogs. The trip down to see the children - for Mother's Day yesterday, Sunday May 8 - was not a great success.


We got down to Melbourne on the Saturday, and Mia asked me if I could take the two grandkids, Jack and Gus, to the shopping mall, help them buy a card each for she and Jules, and try to instill in them the need for respect and understanding. It all harks back to her ex and his family, who have never communicated, never acknowledged birthdays or special days, and have a me, me, me mentality.


I was somewhat successful, and as well as the cards we purchased some small gifts to give each mother.


Come Suday, and they did at least give the gifts, and showed some understanding of what Mother's Day is/was.....and at least showed a little respect. But it was short lived. I worry about Mia and the lonely life she seems to be leading, and what a burden it must be to have two wild 7 and 9 year old boys and no partner to help bring them up. And I think what a total *beep* the ex is, and what an absolute c--t he is.


My son, Nick, who suffers from depression, was typically angry and short tempered, and didn't wish a happy Mothers Day to Jules....and neither did Mia. But we all caught the train into the city and had a latest lunch at the Arbory, which is adjacent to Flinders street station and the Yarra river. But the underlying feelings were ones of sadness, anger and happiness, depending on what we were discussing/talking about. Of course, all this doesn't do much to assist my condition.


Some weeks ago, I answered a series of questions prior to being accepted into this intensive exercise program, and my psychologist has interpreted my answers as indicating that I am at the extreme level of stress. Personally, I have disagreed with her, but mayhaps there is a grain of truth in it. Mia's separation has been stressful, I guess, and maybe I have not clearly understood how it has affected all those involved, including myself.


Things came to a head when we arrived home....Mia had to lie down, Nick muttered about never coming over to her place again because all she did was play with her phone while the two boys played with their handheld tablets. So the 48 hours was a mixture of highs, lows, sadness and soul searching.


Anyhow, I am rambling. I have a doctors appointment in 45 minutes and will get results of my blood and urine tests.....maybe I will report back when I return at around 5 pm.


The cholesterol count was ok....4.7. The urine test was not great and I must drink more water.


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Mitch you can teach them manners but they have to choose whether they will use them or not.  I'm glad you got to spend some time with your grandsons, they will remember you being there and maybe on some future Mothers Day will say "Remember when ....? Because they are playing on their tablets does not mean they don't know you are there, remember the meal and that it is good to celebrate special events.  Well done you and Jules.

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