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Some days are like diamonds



Yep. Some days are diamonds, and I had one yesterday. We were down in Melbourne and leaving for Hedgerow Cottage, Kyneton, and I chose to go to Dan Murphy to buy some wine. Purchased 8 bottles of red, white and rose, all under $12 and came out with a bill for $64! Drove back to daughter Mia's house where we stayed for 3 days (Mia was in Singapore for a conference) to collect Jules and Moochie, our dog. And Jules announced she wanted to go to a bakery in North Melbourne!


So after packing the car and sorting out our destination on my iPad, we set out for Queensbury Road and Beatrix, the bakery.


OMG! And what a wonderful boutique bakery. What amazing food. And what amazing staff! We shared a baguette stuffed with chicken fried in a yummy Japanese sauce and called a GoGo, and for dessert we shared a potato brioche doughnut and a large slice of strawberry sponge cake. And we washed all that down with coffees....some of the best coffees we have ever had.


Then we returned to Hedgerow Cottage, arriving on a chilly but sunny afternoon. After unpacking the car we opened one of the bottles I had purchased....a French rose, and sipped it as we ate a variety of cheeses, cold meats, pickles and savoury biscuits. Yum.


And we ended the night watching the fabulous footy match between the Richmond Tigers and the Sydney Swans.....won by the Tigers by one point....kicked after the final siren!


Yep. Some days are likediamonds.


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It is great when everything goes so well, like a well oiled   car..  The food sounds wonderful,


company great, weather  lovely, what more could you want.



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