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A battle lost......or a battle that is just getting underway?



Men's Shed's are a peculiarly Australian thing, and were established firstly in rural areas after a spate of male suicides. They are a male only domain, and aim to help the well-being of men, male physical and mental health, and matters such as cooking and looking after one's self. They are generally large tin sheds that contain a workshop (benches, table saw, band saw, in fact all types of power saws and hand power tools, welding equipment etc) office, lunchroom/meeting room, and toilet facilities.


There are now more than 1,000 such shed's around Australia and the Kyneton Men's Shed is the second or third oldest. Sadly, we have to move premises and need land on which to build a new shed. We located an existing shed that been vacant for more than 4 years, but for reasons that escape me it is not available to us, despite its being ideal. A meeting of our local MP, Mayor and shire CEO determined it was not for sale....perhaps because the asking price is $400,000 and we currently have a mere $100,000! Do we fight to it, despite this? Or do we look at other possible vacant land sites? We have a meeting later this afternoon to decide.


On other matters, I have a mtg with my OT this mornining, possibly the last before I start my "Guinea pig" three days a week 5 hours a day intensive exercise course for almost 6 weeks. Then Jules and I will drive to one of Australia's largest and best nurseries, Poynton's, as a sop to her for accompanying me to Sunshine Hospital, a round trip of about 150km.


And finally, thanks to the three ppl (Asha, Yvonne and 1Canesfan) who commented on my previous post. I do appreciate your comments which, in part, spur me on to continue with this blog.


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Mitch :


I am official blog junkie I love reading blogs you learn so much more about person by reading  their blog. I find it very therapeutic for my soul. Men's shed concept sounds so smart  its good way to keep guys involve in some activity they enjoy doing with other men great tool for mental health of men.



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Mitch, you are welcome. Having a man shed sounds like a Men Cave. My husband had one in 


Chicago. I have noticed, he was happy.  So when we move he can get his Men cave, so long as I get my Women Cave. 



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