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Life goes on....



Tomorrow we go to Melbourne for a few days. Moochie goes to kennels, and tomorrow night we attend a dinner in the Docklands to raise funds for a Cambodian organisation…The Ponheary Ly Foundation, which works towards increasing access to formal schooling, improving school retention, and strengthening the quality of educational experience for children and youth in northern Cambodia.


My brother and his partner represent the organisation in Australia.


Then on Sunday we are all having a family luncheon after watching grandson Jack play football. Might even be up in Kyneton at our cottage.


Meanwhile, in Kyneton, the Men’s Shed has met with BUPA (a national health and aged care organisation) about jointly building a new Shed….and preliminary talks have gone well. BUPA has the site and $160K, plus a design/project team, builders and maintenance people, while we have up to $100K and a wealth of talented but retired tradesmen. So far everything is looking great.


And on May 30 I start my intensive exercise regime. So things are all go for the Mitchells. I’ll report back soonest on how I am going.


And I may have some fascinating news about daughter Mia and her boorish ex shortly.


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Mitch, that all sounds like great fun in your activities you got planned, so have a great time we'll hear from you when you get back.....

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Mitch, have a wonderful time, enjoy your family.  Can not wait to hear about your daughters Ex. Mine has one of those, he is a fool, who loves to take her to court over things that you are thinking this money could go on your child.  he is always late with Child suppost, and we are taking care of them while she is at college. 


Take it easy enjoy



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Thanks, Yvonne and fking for yr comments.


Yvonne, the two ex's sound similar...no class, no style, and no nothing....althnough Mia's does have plenty of money which he spends like confetti.  But ultimately he will have no happiness and will prolly end up like several of his  relatives...a sad and lonely alcoholic.


I am tentative about my tentive exercise classes.  Melbolurne is a cioty of some 4 million, and doing battle morning and afternoon with its peak hour traffic, and attending three 5-6 hour sessions every Mon, Wed and Fri for five weeks hardly sounds like fun!

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Imagine the sense of achievement when you complete your exercise program and also the physical improvements.  Good that life is looking up.



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