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30 month anniversary. 2.5 years



2.5 years ago today a dramatic and traumatic Health crisis stop the journey I was on and started me on a path of a New Journey a new normal

the path of the new Journey has not always been smooth there have beenroad blocks, detours and bumps along the way.

This morning sharing a cup of coffee soaking up the early morning sun I contemplate the beauty of life and how blessed I really have to be here to experience this.

Often Words fail me when I try to describe the intense Jubilation I feel towards my new normal

The amazing friendships that have been developed humble me.

It took some time for me to come to peace with what happened to me and my new normal.I find peace helping others as I can fulfilling My Life by helping others and helping people smile

My we all find peace in our own way and time,

Be blessed and be a blessing.



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Jay, man let me tell you it has been that way with about all the people I know including me as we all have had new paths and things to overcome no matter how big or how little it seems..... We find peace somehow and in some way... We all got to adapt to a new normal what ever it may be....


There is just so much we all got to learn to do all over again... 

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This is my anniversary month too.

Jay it seems like your ability to feel empathy enables you to build bridges with people. You are a healer.

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